About So Grade


  • The social textile grading company in the Dutch FoodValley
  • Creates employment for locals with a certain distance to the labor market
  • Optimized grading process (approx. 98% of the clothing, textiles and shoes are re-used)
  • Re-wearable clothing is sold in thrift- and second-hand clothing shops in the Netherlands.

A social textile grading company in the Dutch FoodValley, good for people and planet. That is what So Grade represents! This new textile grading company was initiated by textile collector Curitas and thrift shop Restore Kringloop in 2015. Our goal is to create jobs for locals with a certain distance to the labor market by grading clothing and related goods such as shoes, bags and household textiles. Whether it is about wearable clothing, re-usable curtains and bedsheets, or old wipers.. So Grade always finds a way to make your textiles be useful again.


Our employees grade textiles, shoes and related products which are collected in the Dutch municipalities Ede, Renkum, Veenendaal and Wageningen via containers, door-to-door collection and the thrift shops of Restore Kringloop. The textiles are graded by locals with a certain distance to the labor market to gain job experience. So Grade supports several good purposes. We help protect the environment and create jobs!


Job experience

We solely employ locals with a certain distance to the labour market. Some of them acquire a permanent job at So Grade and some of them obtain a temporary position to gain experience and increase their chances at finding a regular job. So Grade offers them several possibilities. For example, besides grading textiles we also have positions in logistics.



Approximately 98% of the clothing, textiles and shoes which are delivered to So Grade end up being re-used. A selection of re-wearable clothing is sold in thrift- and second-hand clothing shops in the Netherlands. Not re-wearable clothing and textiles are recycled into e.g. wiping raps, undercarpet or insulation. Only a small amount (approx. 2%) is disposed of as waste. This is usually the case for textiles which are polluted by oil or paint.


Our name

So Grade can be explained in two different ways. So is short for social and Grade is derived from grading. Grade could also be pronounced as "Great" since our activities are valuable for the environment and social employment!